At the Kids Kingdom playground in Rowlett, you may find both dinosaurs and robots.

The wooden castle is one of the primary play structures, and it features numerous paths, stairs, and obstacles for climbers to overcome, in addition to slides (our favorite was inside a gigantic blue robot). There’s also a small play area with a playhouse and a mini-train, as well as a large sand pit with a climbable dinosaur skeleton and zip lines.

Wet Zone, Rowlett’s family water park, is also located at Pecan Grove Park, along with this exciting playground, widely considered to be one of the best playgrounds in the area.

Kids Kingdom, Rowlett – Best Playgrounds | Must-Have Equipment

Specifically, the restrooms at 5300 Main Street in Rowlett. There are restrooms in the parking lot close to the water park. Don’t forget to learn about Wet Zone Waterpark here too.

All-Abilities? Accessible playground equipment.

Everyone’s welcome, no matter what age

This bright and lively playground is located in Pecan Grove Park and is packed full of exciting play equipment.

You should take your energetic children on a trip because they will have a blast.

To that end, do yourself a favor and prioritize a visit to this playground over any other attractions in Rowlett.

Some of the best things to do in Rowlett with kids can be found here, including swings, tunnels, and a sandy play area.

Next Steps

Let the youngsters run wild, and experience the playground’s games and amenities.

After that, find a sheltered area to have a picnic with your crew.

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