Our experienced and trained technicians will assess the condition of your roof and offer an appropriate solution to your roofing problems. Whether you simply need the roof repaired or need a full roof replacement – we get the job done right the first time.


Do you think you may have roof damage? Have you found a loose shingle in your yard, or a water spot on your ceiling? If so, give us a call! Our skilled technicians will inspect your roof for any damages and provide you with an estimate for FREE.

Roof Repairs

Signs of damage on your roof is cause for serious concern. Whether your roof is leaking or missing some shingles, existing damage increases the chance of further damage in the not-so-distant future. Small damages left unrepaired often build until even minor issues become major problems. Unless you are willing to take the risk of exposing your home to the weather and elements, you need to take action as soon as possible whenever your roof suffers any damage.

Roof Replacements

Like the rest of the home, your roof needs regular maintenance to extend its lifespan as much as possible. Without that maintenance, the lifespan of your roof gets shorter and the need for a roof replacement comes quickly. Continuing to do repairs when a replacement is warranted ends up wasting your time and money. Figuring out the right time to replace rather than repair your roof is something best entrusted to a professional at Tucker Roofing Systems.

Emergency Repairs

During rain and storms of any kind, Tucker Roofing Systems is not far from reach! In the hail and high winds, you can often find us on roofs providing temporary emergency repairs to ensure that our customers’ homes are water-tight and safe from the elements.

Insurance Assistance

The success of your claim depends on the preparation for the day your insurance adjuster comes to inspect damage. Would you go to court without a lawyer? Let the professionals help! We accurately bid your project based on your insurance company's predetermined rates. This eliminates any surprise charges after we accomplish all your needed repairs. As a stable and reputable company, your ONLY cost is your insurance policy's deductible - No surprises. No hidden costs.

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