Instead of staying inside, why not go for a refreshing bike ride or trek in the great outdoors? Stop by one of Garland’s trails today, but keep your distance and stay away from overcrowded parks. Visit for a comprehensive look at all the trails Garland has to offer.

An instructive walking tour is available at the Spring Creek Forest Preserve Trail (, while the Rowlett Creek Preserve Trail is 14 miles long and looped, making it ideal for mountain bikers, runners, walkers, birdwatchers, and just about anybody else. A trail map is available at this link:

City of Garland park featuring gazebo, picnic area with grill, and multi-use trail; it’s called the Rowlett Creek Preserve. The trail’s 15.6 miles are built on a staked look system that allows hikers to forge routes anywhere from one mile to more than 15 miles in length. Don’t forget to learn about Bowlarama here too.

The track is quite level, with a combination of straightaways and tighter, winding sections. The Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association is a group of cyclists and hikers who visit this area.

Rowlett Creek Preserve is the perfect park for you if you enjoy extreme sports in the great outdoors. Rowlett Creek Preserve is a 16-mile, staked-loop trail system off Centerville Road in Garland, roughly 0.5 miles north of SH 66 and 0.5 miles south of Firewheel Parkway. Users can choose different loop combinations to reach durations ranging from 1 to 16 miles. The route has 14 interconnected loops, each of which is numbered according to its construction sequence. Bicyclists should go in a clockwise way around all loops, while walkers, runners, and cyclists should go in the other direction. Half of the trail is in the woods and features some tight, twisty sections, while the other half is wide and features some fast, straight stretches. Rowlett Creek Preserve is great for cyclists of all abilities, as the terrain is mostly flat with a few moderate inclines. However, as the loop ID number increases, so does the level of expertise required to complete the loop. Keep in mind that the trail serves multiple purposes, so please be mindful of other hikers.


There are 97 park-like acres and 2.2 developed acres (trail courses are not included)

• A dirt road that extends for 16.3 kilometers

Facilities include: a medium-sized gazebo with two picnic sites and a grill, a circular trail system with stakes, and 14 paths of progressively increasing difficulty.

Auxiliary facilities (portable toilets)

Great for nature enthusiasts who enjoy off-road biking, hiking, and cross-country running. Hosts numerous cyclocross events and tournaments.

Located just off Centerville Road, this park in Garland is home to several enjoyable features.

the reasons why you should go

If you’re looking for cost-free activities in Rowlett and the surrounding region, this park is a great place to start.

This park has everything a nature lover could want: a gazebo, picnic tables, and grills, all set in a beautiful natural setting.

Next Steps

This park is conveniently located near several low-cost things to do.

Relax and appreciate the outdoors by going for a bike ride or a trek around the countryside.

Birdwatching, an interpretive stroll, and a picnic are all possibilities, too.

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